Barbour Design

Daimler North American Mobile App



A measure of best design practice.


The Direction

In 2009, Barbour was asked to create Daimler’s North American Business Unit brochure—a piece that was produced annually to deliver fiscal data and details about their 18 units.

To appeal to the audience, we applied Daimler’s brand guidelines and grid to an American format. The result was a beautifully designed marketing tool selected as an example of Daimler‘s best design practice. Barbour has been asked to create the annual brochure for ever year that followed.

But, for as beautiful as the design is, the printed brochure limits content and is time consuming to update on an annual basis.


Delivered with the best possible vehicle.


The Solution

Our proposal was to transform the content into a mobile app, opening a multitude of options the printed page inhibits including:

An improved user experience with quick navigation between business units, contact and location information with in-app access to Google Maps, and more efficient content updates and distribution

An interactive map with zoom functionality, facility images, direct access to corresponding unit sections within the app, and links to Google Maps

Product videos and photo sections within each unit featuring additional imagery with enlarged and 360° views

Praise, straight from the client.

“attention to detail,
flexibility, and

The Results

“Through interactive features, compelling graphics, and a user-friendly interface, Barbour Design helped us deliver a seamless overview of Daimler’s presence in North America to the iPad.

Barbour’s team was great at corresponding with our various business units and crafting a publication that reflected Daimler’s vision and aesthetic. We were impressed with their attention to detail, flexibility, and professionalism. They’re a pleasure to work with!”

– Andrea Berg, Daimler North America