Barbour Design

Disney & ESPN Media Networks “Knock Your Socks Off” Mailer



Disney & ESPN Media Networks (DEMN) wanted to send content distributors a fun mailer to promote their portfolio of networks—a portfolio so impressive it would knock their socks off.  What better way to convey the message than sending “replacement” socks?

Each mailer included five pairs of fun colorful Happy Socks—four representing the DEMN networks: ABC, Disney, ESPN, and Freeform, and the fifth pair representing the receiving content distributor. Mailers were customized for Amazon, Android TV, Apple, Cox, Google Chromecast, Google Fiber, Google Play, RCN, Roku, Sony Playstation, Spotify, Verizon Fios and YouTube. Socks were selected to best reflect each brand repackaged with custom sock wraps featuring brand messaging, key copy points and, of course, sock puns.

Recognition: 2017 Hermes Gold Award, 2018 Communicator Gold Award of Excellence