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Watch ESPN Master’s Promo



Win the hearts of executive VIPs.

The Direction

Disney and ESPN Media Networks approached us with a unique request—to produce a highly creative premium B2B promotional package, unlike anything they’d done before, to be delivered to affiliate executive VIPs.

The premium would communicate that WatchESPN delivers the biggest live sporting events—like the Masters—to fans who demand top content anywhere, anytime, on any device. Collateral and packaging were to convey the message, complement the premium, and be authentic to ESPN.

A concept in bloom.


The Translation

Through research and strategic collaboration came the concept of a gift highly unexpected from ESPN, a well-packaged azalea plant, the Masters signature flower.

We created an identity unique to the promotion that positioned ESPN as a leader in technology while integrating history of The Masters.

Each premium included an azalea plant, a personalized golf bag tag, and an elegant brochure packet, all carefully packed by hand. The identity was applied to custom “Live Plant” stamps and vinyl box wraps, turning shipping materials into design. Inside the boxes, custom packaging provided visual connection and protection to the plants and collateral.

A creative hole-in-one. (cue golf clap)

“I wanted to reinforce one more time how great the Azalea mailing was! The idea, as it turned out, was a good one. The ‘unexpected’ factor of getting flowers from ESPN turned out to be huge. But the classiness and style you provided with the plant selection, packaging and graphic look really elevated the idea to true VIP status. The internal and external feedback has been among the best ever.”

– Bruce J., Disney & ESPN Media Networks

The Results

The outcome of each piece coming together as a whole was an extremely successful award-winning promotion, earning a ProMaxBDA Sports Media Marketing Gold Award, a Gold Davey Award, and many rave reviews.


And a beautiful sight.


The Collaboration

The promotion also proved to be an excellent example of our team collaboration in managing the project from start to finish…

•  sourcing plants and all materials
•  producing collateral & packaging
•  establishing tactics for assembly, labeling, shipping and tracking
•  dedicating our time and talent to assemble the packages in-house

…and admiring how beautiful our studio looks when filled with hundreds of flowers!