Barbour Design




The Infinity Awards honor achievements in photography as they happen in real time, reflect on great photographic achievements throughout history, and celebrate the ability of the photographic medium to open new opportunities for personal and aesthetic expression and to transform popular culture. The award-winning visual design for the event created by Barbour reflects ICP’s mission—to present photography’s extraordinary power to the public.

Invitation Suite Recognitions: 
2012 Silver Davey Award, 2012 MarCom Honorable Mention, 2012 Hermes Honorable Mention

Event Program Recognitions:
2012 Platinum MarCom Award, 2012 Platinum Hermes Creative Award, Communicator Award of Distinction

A new concept comes into focus.


The Direction

It began as a simple update to an existing invitation we’d designed for previous awards. We’d just completed the revision when ICP’s Trustee members elected to take the look in a whole new direction. Rather than the elegant sophistication used previously, they wanted something “bold, colorful, funky, fresh and fun,” interpreted into five concepts within two days.

We presented the new designs and a winning concept was selected, establishing the visual identity for the entire event. The design was translated to work cohesively throughout all event materials including stationary, event signage, a red carpet display, the dinner menu, and the award program.

See what develops.


The Solution

The event program featured bios on all the artists present at the awards. One of the most honored guests, who had been unable to attend when the program went to press, later became available and his bio needed to be added to the program. We avoided what would’ve been a costly reprint and creatively solved the problem by producing a soft vellum insert which ultimately transformed the program into a multifaceted invitation featuring an exclusive highlight on the artist.

The event went off flawlessly and the new identity left a bold impression.