Realistic Portraiture by Rubén Belloso

Okay, we clearly have a thing for photorealistic painting/drawing. This amazing skill and craft never ceases to amaze. And young Spanish artist Rubén Belloso is no exception. This 27-year-old virtuoso works with pastels to create these amazing portraits, and the details are stunning. See for yourself….

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Belloso-01 Belloso-02 Belloso-03 Belloso-04 Belloso-05 Belloso-06 Belloso-07 Belloso-08 Belloso-09 Belloso-10 Belloso-11 Belloso-12 Belloso-13 Belloso-14

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  1. gwenniesgarden on January 16, 2013 at 3:34 pm

    FA BU LOUS !!!!