Chemex Coffee Corporate Mailer Disney ESPN | Tactile Marketing, B2B High End Mailer, Promotional Package, Packaging Design, Branded Merchandise | Barbour Design

Chemex® Coffee
Corporate Portfolio Mailer

Disney and ESPN Media Networks (DEMN) asked the Barbour team to conceptualize, design, and package a high-end premium mailer that was to be distributed to 150 affiliate client VIPs, decision-makers, influencers, and industry up-and-comers. The premium had to surprise and be valued by senior executives, conceptually relate to DEMN’s family of networks, showcase the value of their portfolio, and accentuate the power of partnership.


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Chemex Coffee Corporate Mailer Disney ESPN | Tactile Marketing, VIP Premium Mailer, Promotional Materials, Label Design, Copywriting | Barbour Design

The concept we developed was called “The Perfect Blend,” an impressive mailer containing a Chemex® Eight Cup Classic Series Coffeemaker, Chemex® Bonded Filters, a Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill and a trio of Stumptown Coffee Roasters’ signature coffee blends.

The outer box displayed DEMN priority-content imagery along with the headline, “The Perfect Blend to Connect With Your Customers.” Inside the box, recipients were first presented with an insert titled “Ingredients For Success” which shared network statistics and conveyed the success of the DEMN portfolio. Below the insert, a custom tray safely held each item in place and featured instructions to “Brew the Perfect Partnership.”

The three blends of coffee beans were custom packaged as a Fusion blend and SEC Network blend, promoting DEMN’s new networks, and the third blend personalized for each affiliate client recipient. Fun copy creatively integrated the network and affiliate partnerships into the coffee blend descriptions.

The mailer incredibly well-received and enjoyed down to the last drop.

Chemex Coffee Corporate Mailer Disney ESPN | Tactile Marketing, Creative Promotional Kit, Curated Corporate Gifts | Barbour Design

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