Jim Beam® & ESPN
Cross-Platform Promotion

For ESPN’s kickoff meeting with Jim Beam, we armed them with a unique, game-changing sales tool. We designed, printed, and wrapped several bottles of Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey using their existing label and seamlessly integrated ESPN’s cross-platform media package into the design.


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The labels displayed key points about the ESPN brand and provided a memorable example of how well the two brands fit together. The impact of this unique marketing approach resulted in a partnership between ESPN and Jim Beam—and led to one of the first and most talked-about custom cross-platform content integrations.

“The Next Round, presented by Jim Beam” was a web series hosted by ESPN’s Scoop Jackson featuring athletes, actors, comedians, and other celebrity guests discussing current topics, sports culture, and more. Barbour played a significant role in the rollout of The Next Round and created a promotional Jim Beam cover wrap for ESPN The Magazine and several promotional and digital print ads that ran for almost two years.


Let us arm you with a game-changing sales tool.