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Disney Ad Sales Client Leadership Board Super Bowl Meeting

Since 1998, we have partnered with our clients at ESPN, now Disney Advertising Sales (DAS), working to create sales and marketing materials and experiences that make them stand out from their competitors and stay on top of industry sales and marketing trends. The Client Leadership Board (CLB) is a series of meetings hosted by DAS, inviting top-level client decision-makers to an innovative experience where they discuss market trends and challenges and brainstorm together.

The Kickoff

As with all CLB meeting events, our design and marketing journey began with a kickoff call with our DAS partners who informed us of the meeting time, place, and theme. We then analyzed the meeting space, visual opportunities, and ways we could carry out the theme. For the Super Bowl CLB, which focused on storytelling, we highlighted key moments and characters across DAS’ portfolio of networks that epitomized the art of storytelling.


Event Design

Brand Development

Event Collateral

Large Format & Digital Signage

Presentation Design

Production Management

Print Design

Event Materials

Printed 9 x 12 Folder, Agenda, Attendee Bios & Spending Reports

Wall Art, Retractable Banners, Wall Skins & Large Format Posters

Display Screen Video Animations

Presentation Template, Graphics & Vertical Print Template

Seat Assignment Cards, Table Cards & Table Numbers

Disney Client Leadership Board Super Bowl Meeting | Event Logo Design Visual Branding Presentation Digital Display | Barbour Design

Visual Branding

Because the CLB has been ongoing for some time, the meeting logo has brand equity. For each meeting, we maintained the core structure and recognizability of the logo with slight graphic modifications that hint at the meeting location. For the Super Bowl CLB, we identified graphic cues in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome stadium with its very recognizable and architecturally unique retractable roof, which became the base of the identity, and of course, tied in a hint at football!

Disney Client Leadership Board Super Bowl Meeting | Event Design Wall Skin Art Signage Visual Storytelling | Barbour Design

A Dynamic experience driving partnership and innovation

From the initial evite to the full event experience, we created a multitude of digital and tactile marketing touch-points with every detail personalized to each individual. CFOs and CMOs felt welcome and aware that they were participating in a very elite CLB event.

There were several media walls with digital screen cutouts in the space. For the design of the wall wraps, we selected background photography that set the atmosphere and conveyed the storytelling theme and then edited the photos to amplify those graphic elements for a quick hit experience. These visual elements were carried through all touch points from on-screen branding animations to signage to decorative textiles and table cards, creating a fully immersive experience.


The team at Barbour understands that our brand is all about bold storytelling and the importance of creating an environment that wraps the power of Disney’s content around clients as soon as they walk into the room.

From the murals surrounding the room to the personalized touches such as seating assignments with headshots, they’ve partnered with us to create an immersive 360º experience at many high-level client events.

— Dan Hadel, Senior Director of Sales Communications, Disney Advertising Sales

Let’s make your next event a 360º experience.