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Disney and ESPN Media Networks "Knock Your Socks Off" Mailer

The project began as a mailer for Disney and ESPN Media Network's (DEMN) Roku clients who, at the time, were distributing purple socks as part of a B2B promotion. In response, DEMN wanted to send them an entire collection of socks as a fun way to introduce their full portfolio of networks—a portfolio so impressive it would knock their socks off. What better way to convey that message than sending “replacement” socks?!?


The mailer was a huge success and it was quickly realized that it was the perfect solution for a less expensive, personalized, and very informative mailer that could be customized and sent to all content distributors. From that moment the DEMN sock mailer turned into a campaign.


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Knock Your Sock Off Mailer Disney ESPN Media Networks | Tactile Marketing Corporate Mailer Label Design | Barbour Design

A Perfect Fit

The socks provided a unique and useful way to creatively present sales messaging and demonstrate the wide range of audiences that could be reached by carrying the full suite of networks. We selected socks to best reflect each network and repackaged them with custom belly wrap labels featuring brand messaging, key sales points specific to each network, and, of course, sock puns.

Each mailer included five pairs of fun colorful Happy Socks—four representing DEMN’s networks: ABC, Disney, ESPN, and Freeform, and the fifth pair personalized to the content distributor.


Customized mailers were sent to top decision-making clients at Amazon, Android TV, Apple, Cox Communications, Google Chromecast, Google Fiber, Google Play, RCN, Roku, Sony Playstation, Spotify, Verizon Fios, and YouTube. Recipients appreciated getting merchandise they could actually use, and DEMN appreciated that their clients were reminded of them every time they opened their sock drawers.

Knock Your Sock Off Mailer Disney ESPN Media Networks | Tactile Marketing Client Gift Packaging Design | Barbour Design

The mailer received rave reviews.
Feedback heard from recipients included:

‘Conceptually tight and informative’

‘Personalization and impact over glitz and expense’

‘This mailer has staying power—still wearing the socks today’

‘It changed my sock drawer forever’

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