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Joy Products, Inc. is a full-service promotional product and advertising specialties company offering fresh ideas, cost-effective products, and powerful solutions to market businesses. As they approached their 50th anniversary, it became apparent that their branding did not reflect the awesomeness of Joy Products. Nor did it stand out or reflect and elevate the qualities that Joy’s clients find most important.


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During our discovery phase, we identified keywords that best describe Joy Products. We then compiled a mood board using those keywords to guide our visuals. With that in hand, the ideas began flowing. We presented three concepts:


Dog: The company name came from the family’s pet dog named Joy. The dog icon speaks to the qualities of a family pet— playful, loyal, and fun. All things that Joy Products offers.

Pinwheel: Using the pinwheel as a symbol of fun to mark the “J” in Joy. This typographical take has a light flow with a retro shape encasing it. The style gives a nod to the history and timelessness of the business.

Smile: This logo oozes happiness and joy, which speaks to the fun of the promo industry. The exclamation and bend of the type give energy and bounce. The typography brings happiness and has a clean, fun appeal.


The Joy “Smile” concept ultimately won out as the most versatile treatment. We tightened up the unit and adjusted the smile and exclamation shaft. We’re excited to watch this happy logo get some mileage in the marketplace!

To commemorate Joy’s 50 years of business, we created a special 50th Anniversary edition of the logo lockup and badge to be used throughout the 2022 calendar year.

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In developing the brand guidelines, we created the tagline “Joy in Every Brand Experience.™” A belief that opportunities to promote your company should be joyful. Along with a complete logo package, we also developed supporting brand materials and templates.


Additionally, we created an entire digital campaign for Joy Products including an e-commerce website, social media toolkit, email marketing toolkit with a custom HTML MailChimp template, and a digital content plan.

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Since the beginning of our partnership with Barbour Design, they have been cutting edge, creative, smart, ahead of market trends, and most of all honest.

They made our logo redesign a seamless process, truly listening to our ideas and needs, making it a perfect collaboration which led to a perfect new logo.

— David Beatus, President/Owner, Joy Products

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