ESPN Daily Podcast Rebrand


When we were approached about redesigning the ESPN Daily Podcast's graphics package, we were so excited about the prospect. They had used their previous art at length and it was time for a look that captured the essence of the podcast.

ESPN Daily stands apart from other content in the ESPN portfolio. While the storylines are sports-related, you do not have to be a sports fan to appreciate it. In fact, the storytelling is nothing short of epic. It digs deep and pulls back the layers--really getting to the crux of story. And so began our journey of trying to contain all of this originality in a 3,000 square pixel graphic.

Through various conceptual paths, we honed in on the ripped headlines as agents for how the story unravels. And in doing so, the tagline was born: Sports Stories Unraveled and Unrivaled.

Additionally, we refreshed the ESPN Daily branding. The "talk bubble" shape nods to the conversational aspect of the podcast and the social media discussions that ensue from that storytelling. The ever-identifiable ESPN red is still present as always with a very bold, journalistic headline typeface. The color scheme denotes a sunrise that immediately notifies listeners they can expect a deep dish of intriguing storytelling daily from ESPN.


Branding Design

Layout Design


Copy Writing


  • Redesign the ESPN Daily logo treatment
  • Create a new graphics package that better represents the podcast and works for podcast user interfaces and digital ads
  • Deliver a new tagline
  • Convey the key aspects of the ESPN Daily podcast: daily podcast, editorial deep-dive, great storytelling, sports driven, a departure from typical ESPN programming
  • Create art that puts ESPN Daily in the same caliber as the New York Times Daily and NPR
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“I’ve worked with Barbour for 10 years and typically come to them with some sort of concept in mind. But when it came time to concept a new look for our podcast, we struggled with a visual that would reflect all the data and insights we had uncovered. We came to Barbour with our problem, and they were able to fully articulate different executions we could consider. All of the solutions were high-concept without being pretentious, unique to the space where the creative would live, while still being true to our master brand. They are great thought partners, high-quality designers and overall a pleasure to work with.”


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