Experimental Photography by Matthew Brandt

Los Angeles-based photographer Matthew Brandt has a fascination with the photographic process, and its relationship with the subject matter. For instance, when Brandt photographs a lake, the large format prints are soaked in water from said lake. But it doesn’t stop there; nothing seems to be off limits. Brandt has experimented with Cheez Whiz, Kool-Aid, dust, ashes from human and animal remains and various bodily fluids, among others. And again, these are not chosen at random, but rather serve to tell a larger story. Fascinating work by a young artist who was recently ranked among the “Top 30 Under 30 in Art & Design” by Forbes.

Via matthewbrandt.com and yossimilo.com

Brandt-01 Brandt-02 Brandt-03 Brandt-04 Brandt-05 Brandt-06 Brandt-07 Brandt-08 Brandt-09 Brandt-10