Get some fries with that shake

It’s National Fast Food Day! Check out this fun fast-food-packaging-meets-marketing project we created for ESPN awhile back.

We produced this unique marketing collateral for ESPN to present to Burger King in efforts to continue their partnership in 2019. Custom burger boxes were designed to mimic Whopper packaging and cleverly present ESPN’s messaging.

Inside the box, was a fun accordion-fold insert. The cover/top panel featured an image of a Whopper, making it appear as if one was actually inside inside the box. We even redesigned the Whopper paper wrap in the photo to reflect the ESPN-BK relationship, re-branding it as “America’s Favorite Partnership.”

As the accordion was expanded, the panels revealed content highlighting the current partnership and presenting future goals, opportunities and concepts. On the reverse side, each panel featured an ingredient so as the accordion was collapsed down, it “built” a Whopper.

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