Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Grab a margarita, it’s Cinco de Mayo! Speaking of margaritas, here’s a fun project from our archives.

Back in 2017, we produced a high-end gift mailer for ESPN to send to individuals on the adidas marketing team in appreciation of their ESPYs partnership. Each mailer included a bottle of Casamigos® Tequila Negro, one of the highest quality tequilas which was also co-founded by George Clooney. The packaging and labels were customized to showcase the partnership recognition, event, year and location. The client gifts were packaged into individual boxes with custom labels personalized for each recipient.

Now go enjoy that margarita! And, fun fact, Casamigos was created to be the best-tasting, smoothest Tequila and Mezcal that didn’t have to be covered up with salt or lime. So…no salt, no lime, no problema!

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