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Featured Projects

New ESPN Audio
Sales Website

ESPN Audio had no online presence
that supported sales and spoke to
advertiser's opportunities… enter
Barbour Design.

Disney and ESPN Media Networks “Knock Your Socks Off” Mailer

A fun mailer filled with merchandise to promote Disney and ESPN Media Networks’ portfolio of brands—a portfolio so impressive it would knock their socks off.

Boulder Botanical & Bioscience Labs Investor Presentation

An investor pitch that speaks to the science of CBD, works cohesively with the brand, reflects the spectrum of offerings, and effectively tells the BBB Labs financial story.


& Design

B2B and B2C strategy, design and execution of campaigns that engage and inspire a positive response from the right audience, across all channels, traditional and emerging.


High impact events and curated premium merchandise that connect with your audience, represent your brand values, and deliver wow-worthy experiences with a lasting impression.

Presentations &
Pitch Decks

Story-driven presentations designed to grab attention, communicate visually, engage audiences, make an impact and inspire action.

We are efficient, smart, marketing-savvy graphic designers who partner with you to ensure your message is clear, concise and on-brand. We leverage our broad range of experience in design, marketing, and production to convey your message graphically, and effectively reach your target audience.

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