No Missing Piece Here

Now that jigsaw puzzles are all the rage thanks to the Covid quarantine, we thought we’d share this fun project we “put together” for ESPN last year.

There was no missing piece to the puzzle when it came to creating ESPN’s Multicultural Puzzle Kit. The key message the sales team wanted to communicate was connection—fans, sports, culture and brands all in connection through ESPN platforms. What better way to represent connection than a puzzle, and that is how the story was told.

The kit included custom puzzle that was used in presentations. Each puzzle piece represented a key category and had a corresponding sales sheet in the collateral packs that were handed out. Sales materials showed example performance success stories, pointing out how all the connections were made on ESPN.

We also created a 100-piece puzzle with a custom illustration of the top sports moments that matter to diverse audiences as a thank you gift, which is likely coming in very handy right about now.

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