Masterclass in Purposeful Play

We really admire Allison Supron’s artistic spirit. Supron, a young, New York City-based designer, shows her creative chops in all their glory in her project entitled “Play”. We love her compositions of unconventional materials that focus on working with ones hands, rather than relying on the computer. It’s a process Supron likens to childhood experiences. She explains, “What is purposeful play? Think back to the allotted time given in elementary school to finger painting, building with blocks, and storytelling. At the time these activities may have seemed simple and mindless, but they are all tasks that require the brain to think differently and promote creativity in the learning environment. Play is a colorful mixture of unconventional materials and techniques, hand-drawn typography, senior thesis paper tidbits, and photographs of each process from start to finish; a project geared to inspire hands to get off of the computer and get a little messy.” Great angle, with even better results. Way to go, Allison! We should all engage in this sort of thing from time to time….


Supron-01 Supron-02 Supron-03 Supron-04 Supron-05 Supron-06 Supron-07 Supron-08 Supron-09 Supron-10 Supron-11 Supron-12 Supron-13 Supron-14 Supron-15 Supron-16