Oasis Album Covers Reimagined

We are always intrigued by reinterpretations of existing designs. In our minds, a strong reinterpretation usually derives from the original, but in new and interesting ways. Brazilian designer Matteus Faria happens to be a big fan of the band Oasis and paid tribute to them by reimagining their seven studio albums. What struck us is Faria’s minimalistic approach. But it’s not minimalism just for the sake of it, Faria was thoughtfully analytical when he sort of deconstructed the designs. In his own words, Faria explains: “I put together all the original covers to analyze each of them, so I’ve made a color palette based on the photographs of the scenes. After that, I looked at the scenario something that could be represented in a simple and direct way. For example, in the first cover (“Definitely Maybe”) the element that I chose to use was the window that has an octagon shape. The typeface, Helvetica, gives a nice and clean atmosphere, combining perfectly with the cover’s shapes.”

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Via matteusfaria.com