Superb Russian Folk Art Skulls

Los Angeles-based Russian artist/designer Sasha Vinogradova is wicked talented. While his portfolio is filled with outstanding design work for TV and movies, we are particularly taken with his venture into a more fine art direction. Vinogradova created a series of prints that demonstrates a marriage between Russian and Mexican artwork by way of ornately decorated skulls. The pairing of distinct Russian folk art styles with the indigenous Mexican skull theme works so well in such an unexpected way… Vinogradova employs Zhostovo, Khokhloma, Gzhel, Gorodets, Mezen and North-Dvina styles. In his own words, Vinogradova explains: “I did this thing recently, to show different styles of Russian folk painting. I think on skulls it looks fun and new. Also it slightly reminds me of Día de Muertos.”

Via and Behance

Vinogradova-1 Vinogradova-2 Vinogradova-3 Vinogradova-4 Vinogradova-5 Vinogradova-6 Vinogradova-7