you talk. they draw. it’s awesome.

It’s visual note-taking, it’s a graphic recording, it’s an an engagement board, it’s a living mural, it’s visual scribing, it’s awesome.

Virtual presentations, events and meetings are the new norm but WFH distractions and technical difficulties make it more challenging to keep people engaged. While researching innovative ways to virtually connect with audiences, provide memorial experiences and inspire action, we discovered Ink Factory’s visual note-taking.

Photo: Ink Factory

Visual notes use text and imagery to convey key points by drawing as the presenter is speaking. The process enhances engagement, extends influence, and triggers inspiration. Though traditionally done live on large scale white boards and wall murals, Ink Factory has taken visual note-taking to the virtual platform by creating real-time digital visual notes at events and meetings and streaming them anywhere in the world.

Photo: Ink Factory

Ink Factory knows that everyone can benefit from visual note-taking and provides beginner visual note-taking tutorials and detailed workshops on advanced note-taking. We took a stab a visual note-taking using the exercises provided in their tutorials…

OK, maybe not our best work, but we’re working to advance our skills and welcome the opportunity to integrate visual note-taking at your next meeting or event.