A Penchant for Paper: The Work of Lobulo

Initially drawn in by typographic papercraft, we quickly realized the portfolio of Lobulo was a treasure trove if dynamic designs. Splitting time between London and Barcelona, Lobulo Design is actually just one man: Javier Rodríguez García. His penchant for working with paper has gained him much respect, and even a viral following online. The well-produced short videos he posts on social media give a nice behind-the-scenes glimpse at Lobule in action, feeding that central hunger for all-access documentation (see some below). The intricacy of Lobulo’s work is striking, and his sense of color and space outstanding. We especially appreciate work that is outside of our comfort zone, and this certainly falls into that category. Just awesome.

Via lobulodesign.com

Lobulo-01 Lobulo-02 Lobulo-03 Lobulo-04 Lobulo-05 Lobulo-06 Lobulo-07 Lobulo-08 Lobulo-09 Lobulo-10 Lobulo-11 Lobulo-12 Lobulo-13 Lobulo-14[vimeo 62723428 w=640 h=360]

[vimeo 30544951 w=640 h=360]

[vimeo 79183403 w=640 h=360]


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