Brilliant Sculpture of Coffee Stirrers

North Carolina-based artist Jonathan Brilliant constructed this, well, brilliant structure, The Sumter Piece, from 60,000 wooden coffee stirrers. Never mind that it’s quite beautiful and spans two floors, reaching over a second floor balcony and suspended from the ceiling of the first floor, we marvel at the fact that it’s held together by tension. “No adhesive was used and the entire structure holds itself in place because of the tensile strength of 7” rounded end wooden coffee stirrers. After nearly six months the piece eventually separated and the materials were donated to a local school.”


Brilliant-1 Brilliant-2 Brilliant-3 Brilliant-4 Brilliant-5 Brilliant-6 Brilliant-7


  1. Collette Knowles on February 12, 2013 at 12:52 pm

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    A brilliant “re-use” of what would otherwise be thrown away