It’s widely known that we love Legos. Such a pure, highly creative toy for all ages. And we really appreciate when people find new ways to express themselves through these brilliant little bricks (here and here and here). This amazing Lego DSLR by Taiwanese Lego enthusiast known simply as RGB900 is no exception. The details are awesome: lens made from rubber Lego tires (complete with red ring found on some Canon lenses), hot shoe mount complete with removable flash, and flexible strap, presumably built using Lego tank tread parts. One word: wow!

Via Flickr and

RGB900-1 RGB900-2 RGB900-3 RGB900-4 RGB900-5 RGB900-6 RGB900-7


  1. lensandpensbysally on April 16, 2013 at 11:51 am

    Fabulous==thank you.

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