Precise Produce Photos

No Photoshop here, folks. Though these geometric arrangements of fruits and vegetables feel digitally manipulated, they are the result of crazy meticulous cutting and arranging by Turkish photographer Sakir Gökçebag. The series has a really unique quality… can’t stop looking at them. The unnatural precision is really striking.


Gokcebag-01 Gokcebag-02 Gokcebag-03 Gokcebag-04 Gokcebag-05 Gokcebag-06 Gokcebag-07 Gokcebag-08 Gokcebag-09 Gokcebag-10 Gokcebag-11 Gokcebag-12 Gokcebag-13 Gokcebag-14


  1. rwyckoff on January 23, 2013 at 9:17 am

    what a wonderful vision!

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