Type Fight

This is one of those ideas that we’re surprised hadn’t come about sooner. Designers Drew Roper, Ryan Paule and Bryan Butler started this project to “distract from their day-to-day grind.” They basically arrange weekly “fights” between two designers, who are asked to create a typographic treatment of the same character and then have their final designs voted on to determine whose is best. The site is actually on hiatus right now for a redesign, but check out the fights that have already happened. Can’t wait to see “Round 2” soon.

Via thetypefight.com

TypeFight-1 TypeFight-2 TypeFight-3 TypeFight-4 TypeFight-5 TypeFight-6 TypeFight-7 TypeFight-8

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  1. […] when he and fellow illustrator Jeffery Smith challenged each other to a sketching duel (think Type Fight). After 26 days, Dana knew he would have a special alphabet of animals to share with his young son. […]